Christmas stuff

Making tons of stuff for Christmas. The Nativity Stand is my best seller!


The little houses are my favorite. Very cute!


All of them are wonderful!


Yes, the little houses steal my heart! So pretty! I’ve promised myself to make a paper village for the mantel this year.


Really cool work!


Great job! Love it all!


love your designs! Sorry for the dumb question but…Are you offering these jpgs so we can make them ourselves? If so, how do I cut with a jpg? If they’re just to show us pics, then thank you, your projects are beautiful!

You’ve been very productive here! I think I need to start planning for Chrimbo, I’m not selling anything but I tend to procrastinate!

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That is some lovely Christmas cheer right there! Those cabin lamps are awesome!


I adore them, too!

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Sorry but I bought these files on Etsy. I’m not allowed to share them.


Just want to let you know that it’s against forum rules to ask for files. If someone wishes to share their file, it would be posted in the free laser design category.

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Very nice. I can’t choose a favorite!

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Thanks for telling us where you bought the patterns. I was trying to figure out a way to ask without getting into trouble.

I’ve been trying to figure out something new and unique I could make as a Christmas present for my mother. (She celebrates Christmas all year. Santa himself doesn’t love Christmas as much as my mother. :wink: )

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Great! I just thought it was offered and I just couldn’t figure out how to cut with them.

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These are wonderful!