Christmas Tree Gear Ornament

I’ve been making ornaments for the kids in the family each year, and I wanted to incorporate gears this time around. This is a three-layer design made of stained 3mm baltic birch, held together with snap pegs that also serve as axles. I made the gears on, and I opened up the back so the kids could see how all the gears worked. After a bit of tweaking, they run pretty well - they are intended to represent twinkling lights on the tree


Here’s a sample of what the connector looks like if you want to use it:

Sample Connector
Sample (1.3 KB)


That is great! I love the connector! Especially that it creates “Ornaments” on the front of the tree! Well done!


Wonderful. Plus one for an animated GIF! :evergreen_tree:


Your gear trees are great - and thanks for sharing the connector. That will come in handy!

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What a super cool idea! They came out great. And thanks for the connector thingy!

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Love these!! And thanks for sharing/detailing your connectors. That was my first question to myself as I was looking at the pics.

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You really geared up for Christmas! Those snap in place connectors look like they could have a lot of applications as well especially as snap on hinges in boxes, :upside_down_face:

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This is super! Thank you for sharing!


That is a wonderful tradition! These are very cool!

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Crazy good! Man I love this machine… the things it brings out of people’s minds and into reality!