Chromebook Support?



Hello GlowForum! With Glowforge using the cloud for various tasks, I was wondering if it will be possible to run units via Chromebook. I am a leathercrafter outside of my full-time job as a teacher, and have a unit for personal use currently on backorder. Our school is preparing to go 1:1 with Chromebooks for students, and our art department has jumped on the GlowForge train as well. I’m just probing to see if there will be apps/support for operating the lasers via Chromebook, especially since the capabilities I’ve seen so far use Google CloudPrint (correct me if I’m wrong here). What’s the word?


Based on this topic in the FAQ page of the Glowforge website, I’d say Chromebooks should work fine. As I understand it, all you need is a browser. You will also need a way of creating designs either by drawing directly on the material to have the Glowforge scan then then cut/engrave or by using vector software.


I would think that if google’s laptop can’t talk to google’s cloud then there is a pretty big problem.


Thanks @johnwills!


It doesn’t use Google Cloud Print but we do host the service in Google’s cloud servers.

A Chromebook should work, but it’s not a part of our regular test devices yet, so it’s possible there will be some early bugs to flush out.


TinkerCad to make your custom files. And GlowForge interface to upload. Ought to work fine.