Church compilation (2nd cut on the DUSHI75)


Even though i’ve Been working on other cardstock cuts for my Invitations business the day after I post my logo my hubby was like “look I will like to give a deacon at church something and he sent me a pic of their bishop and I was like babe I will put something together for you so I gather 3 deferent pics and worked them together in PS and here is what I came up with

It’s about 5.5x7.5 engraving and 3D engraving and the details on the steps of the church was out of this world in 3D only bad thing was the cleaning of all of the small details uuuuugg lol but he was soooo happy with it. And the deacon was surprised to have received that. Lol


Well it turned out just stunning! :grinning::+1:


Really like the 3D perspective and shades / tones of the building!!!


Thanks Jules :wink:


You are a very talented person


OOOOh guys thanks:blush:blush:. Just now learning how to use the forge


Wow! What an amazing piece! I’m predicting they are going to want more lasered items from you.


Very nice … Really shows what the Glowforge can do.