Cinderella and Robin Hood

Hi Everyone! These are the last two I’m going to do (at least for a while) for my Disney “Gold Frame” collection. I’m trying to bust them out because I had a ‘vision’ of how I’m going to display them all and now I’m excited to get it done and show you all the whole collection together. And yes, I did Cinderella in her classic WHITE dress, not the recolored blue one.

Anyway, I do have one more piece to do for the collection, but it’ll be bigger, and a little different. Why? Well, I need more space, it’s got 7 support characters :wink:

Thanks for stopping and taken a look (and for all of your kind comments, which I won’t lie, have helped keep me goin’). Until next creation, Happy Forging!


Wow. Everything pops. Keep going. These make me happy.


These are all so adorable. I love Disney. Great job on RobinHood!


These are so good!
. Can’t watch to see your collection display!


You’ve captured both perfectly! Excited to see the entire collection when you put it all together!


Both are simply fantastic!

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Super cute. Can’t wait for the full reveal!