Off to its new home

With my upcoming move I’ve decided not to pack any material that’s not whole, so I’ve got a bunch of material to give away that’s smaller than 12x20. Most has sections that are at least 6x9 or so, but some long skinny ones too.
Acrylics, woods, veneer, leather, cork, :proofgrade: and not.

I’m in Mountain View. It would need to be picked up this weekend (June 4/5), if not I’ll drop it at RAFT on Monday.

One person takes it all, you can part it out if you want to :slight_smile:



Wow, looks like a lot of good pieces there. Hope someone comes and gets it!


I love working with scraps to save materials from landfill. We can pick up this weekend!

Welcome to the community - and YAY! Your SO sent me a note too, so check with them for my # for texting and we can figure out a time/place to meet up :slight_smile:


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