Clapboard sign

My daughter and her husband bought a new home so I wanted to make something for her. I love the clapboard stuff. Size is an issue since I don’t have pass through, so I cut half circles with scores to create the clapboard effect.
I was able to make the 18 inch circle and personalize for them. I used a long piece on the back to screw the two together as well as a narrow piece on the front under the initial. This all hides the screws while making it sturdy and raises the initial to provide a shadow. I glued some supports under the name as well. Nothing stellar in design but a big hit and that’s what I wanted.


Very nice—you’d never know it started out in pieces!


Thanks for explaining how you put it all together. I bet they loved it! Nice work.


You did a great job! Love the shadow look! Beautiful piece, off to my machine to try to emulate that!!

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That’s pretty sweet. And also thanks here for explaining how you did it!


Thanks for the kind compliments everyone! And they did love it:-)


Wonderful work … and a wonderful gift!!!

Excellent thinking to work around to get the size you wanted.


Thank you for explaining just how you made the 18" circle. Why didn’t I think of that?

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Very nice. You proved that beautiful can be simple and elegant.

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