Classic Barista Pourover Coffee Stand -- It's Baaaack!

Hey, @pubultrastar and everyone else who was missing it, I just happened to look at the catalog for the first time in a while, and it’s back!


Thanks. I think I still have credits to the store, as I’ve never purchased anything. I’ll check it out.


I saw that a week or so ago, and was going to purchase it, then I realized I’d need a specific carafe to use it with. It’s so pretty though…

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No way! Was sorry I missed it before. Wonder why it disappeared in the first place?

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First piece from the catalog that wasn’t a ruler or gift of good measure. Only took me a year-and-a-half to buy something, and happened to be this pour over coffee filter. I made mine with Walnut and clear acrylic.


Did you any issues? Mine didn’t cut through the acrylic that I purchased from the glow forge store

No issues. It was tricky to assemble, and could probably use a re-design. I may edit the file to make assembly easier.

This is really about the only catalog item I want to do and seeing yours just seals the deal. Which glassware did you get for it?

That’s the pits about your acrylic. :frowning: It not cutting through really won’t be a file issue though and the most typical cause of that is a dirty lens. The proofgrade settings give you just enough power to cut through without causing flashback (burn marks) on the back of the material so even a little dirt on the lens can reduce the power enough effect things. When was the last time you cleaned yours?

Not that it helps now, but it’s a really good habit to get into is to make sure your material has cut all the way though before moving the material on the tray so you can run it again if need be. As long as you didn’t move anything , the file will still line up perfectly and you can save the material. (I just very gently hold the material and give the cut a little wiggle to make sure it moves.)

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Oh sweet, thanks!


Love the teal!

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Thank you

ok, the teal inspired me. parts on order, as soon as black cable arrives, this will be on the build list.

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