Classic Barista Pourover Coffee Stand

Hi all,
I’m so excited to have finally taken the $49 plunge and purchased the Classic Barista Pourover Coffee Stand files.
3 questions:

  1. How are you pricing these? Do you sell With and without the glass pot & dripper set?
  2. What do you do with the Rubber lid that supports the Dripper?
  3. Has anyone found a good workaround for the slot size issue that happens when using non-proof-grade wood?
    Since I cannot afford unlimited Proofgrade materials, I am using another purchased 1/8" wood. I have found that the file is made for .244" sheets. Most of my wood is .27" or .28". Fortunately, we can now ungroup in the dashboard and I can adjust the squares (that are the slots in the acrylic) that are .25" to .27". However, when I do this, the square cuts into the piece that it’s butted up against.
    Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


They look great I like the different color.

No idea on pricing, but you might do better to adjust the entire design to fit your material, rather than just the one set of slots. Select everything and put 125% (or whatever the math works out to be) into the box and it will enlarge the entire thing.

How do you get this one in and out?


Thank you. I’m working on red & cherry next :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’m terrible at math, but that might answer the problem I’m having with the rubber lid. It won’t fit through the bottom triangle. I have to take it off and secure it through the top triangle.


Luckily we live in an age when “there’s a app/site for that” is almost universally true!


Looks great. I’ve been considering buying this file. Maybe now I will.


That’s awesome. Thank you. I appreciate your help. However, I was hoping that since this file has been around for so long, maybe someone has already worked out these issues and would be willing to share.

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I ended up selling the set for $100 that included the pour over coffee stand, two coasters, the pot, filter, and coffee scoop.


Nice! Congratulations!

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