Clean Engrave Help with Handwritten Recipe

Hi All!
I was recently given my grandmother’s old recipe (in PDF format) and would like to convert it into a cleaner file to engrave (right now, there’s a lot of background fuzz around the script), but I’m horrible with anything more complicated than the Silhouette Design software. I’ve read some tutorials on the GF forum and online on how to do it, but quite honestly, I’d rather just pay someone than to take the time to do it myself. Didn’t find a service on Etsy either. Would any of you be up to the task? Not sure this is the right place to be asking this, so sorry in advance if it’s not, but thought it was a good place to start :slight_smile: Thanks!

No harm in asking here.

It’s going to depend on the quality and resolution of the image in the file. You might want to post a zoomed-in sample.

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I just sent you a PM about it, this might be a good little project for the day.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Just tried to send you a reply!

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