Clean Image

I need to clean this image so I just have the image and wording as is for a project.

What do you mean “clean image”?

What design software are you using?

(I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum. ‘Made on a Glowforge’ is for showing off your completed projects)

I don’t need background just the image as is. Recieved image from a client. Trying to recreate in Inkscape and having trouble.

Lamar M. Ware

Find a matching font, lay out text on suitable paths, then trace the center graphic either by hand, or using the “trace bitmap” function. It might be easier if you adjust color settings beforehand, to make the trace more accurate.

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I’d agree you’ll be better off recreating that, not trying to remove the image from the picture. It’s going to look wrinkled if you take it off the photo.

(That’s a Freemason Symbol…you can find it online.)


That’ll make it even easier!

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Probably right. Guess I will have to recreate it.
Lamar M. Ware


Lamar M. Ware

I’ve beaten my head against the wall on this too,
so much so that it’s now a mantra,
“Might there be an easier way?” :upside_down_face:

Speaking as a Mason myself…
What you are looking for can be found by googling “Masonic Square & Compass Clip art”
Here is a quick link: HERE. You might even find that exact image. As far as I know none of the Masonic symbols are under license (Kinda like Flags that way). Happy hunting.


I’m pretty sure they predate copyright & trademark laws :blush:

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