Clean up an Image?

Is there a way to “deselect” something that was within the small square you selected to traced or separate it out and delete it…
for example:

  1. Can you separate letters?
  2. Say your son accidentally drew dots around some of the letters can you take those out?

You’ll be pretty limited to taking those out using the trace function. You might try adjusting the scan, which can be done with control-Up Arrow (on Windows). That will adjust the threshold and might get rid of them?

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Thanks for your speedy response. Where might I use the arrows and when. Like after it has scanned? Thanks again!!

At this screen. Also, those 2 show the difference between hitting the key-sequence a couple of times. And not to confuse you, but you can also do Control-Shift-Up (or Down) Arrow… I’m not sure if that’s a fine tune but it will help adjust the threshold.

And to answer your other question, you can’t selectively move components of the trace. You’d basically have to scan in/limit the scan box to a character and then do another scan to get multiple components.

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Thank you!!! I teach computers and technology but this is totally new!!! … The teachers got to learn at some point though!!!

Another option/ fix: I ended up scanning the image, ZOOOMING in really close, Then cliped it out using the snipping tool, copy then paste it in paint, erase and clean it up and save it, and upload it…