Cleaned my machine, now I can't get wi-fi running (RESOLVED WITH A HARD REBOOT and CELL PHONE)

Hi Y’all. I just cleaned my glowforge pro out today. I got everything nice and tidy. I can’t get the system to use its wi-fi to re establish a connection. Did something get knocked loose?

I have gotten to the blue button and followed all of the steps to find it on my wi-fi connection but it is not showing up. I have re-stared both my PC and the unit several times just in case. Is there something else I should check on the board or under the hood to explain this issue?

Have you reset your router? I suggest you power off the Glowforge, your computer, and your modem/router. Turn each on individually and let them completely reboot before powering on the next device. Turn the router on first, then the Glowforge, then your computer and go to the page.

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I found a reboot of the unit doing the teal then blue then green button. Had to use my cell phone to get the network connection going. Its all good! Thank you for asking!


HI there. That’s great news! I’m glad to hear you were able to connect to Glowforge and print after the reboot and hotspot created. I appreciate you letting us know, and I’ll go ahead and close this as resolved. Feel free to reach out if you run into any other trouble. Happy printing!