Cleaned rails on Aura, now it won't print

My machine gave me a notice to clean my rails, so i took the cleaner and wiped them clean. I picked up the diode and cleaned under it as well. Now it won’t go back to the right place and keeps giving me errors that it won’t print. Any ideas what I may have done or need to do to fix it?


Welcome to the community. I’m assuming you powered your machine off before moving everything to clean the rails? If not, once you’ve removed the print head, it could be that now it’s having trouble finding ‘home’ again. Turn your machine off. Carefully move the print head to the far back left corner. When you turn it back on, it should begin its homing routine.


Thanks so much, worked like a charm. Not hiding the fact that I am a complete newbie


We were all newbies once upon a time. Glad you were able to get a solution to your problem. We’ve got a great community here, and we are glad to have you join us.


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