Cleaner cuts, cool running, and a better pinch and zoom: 6/25/2018 Latest Improvements


Cool. The pan and zoom is a much needed improvement. Works great with mouse or pad.

I wonder what this means in a practical sense: “Our engineering team has cooked up some ways to squeeze a few more degrees out of the enhanced Glowforge Pro cooling system”


If you hold down the Ctrl/Cmd keys while scrolling up or down, you’ll zoom in and out.

Oh thank you for this one! I have really missed scroll zooming! It’s amazing how used you get to certain gestures! :hugs:


Chrome and Firefox users will notice some improvements in our pan and zoom for trackpads, too. Just pinch and expand with two fingers to zoom in and out; to pan around your workspace, simply drag with two fingers.

I hope you can make pinch-to-zoom work in Safari (on the Mac) as well. Documentation for Safari’s GestureEvent is here and there’s some sample code here that works well.

The cooling tweak seemed to help in my environs (Caribbean). While I still ran the portable A/C unit I managed to get a sweet 4 hour session with the Forge when the temps were over 80f. I did note on first startup burn, the unit button stayed white but the interface spoke of cooling for a moment.

Overall I’m happy with the update. Time will tell. I’m going to try to burn during the day, something I couldn’t do before.


Thanks Jules for the inspiration to try it on my Firefox browser.
Now I’ve no need to squint to read the posts on the forum !!

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Chuckle! I remember the first time I did that accidentally…spent a frantic twenty minutes searching the net for the bug or malware that caused it! :smile:

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Scroll zoom. SO needed.

Can’t tell you how many times I’d be in Illustrator or Photoshop and then go to the app and NOT have scroll zoom.


Now if only they would add scroll-pan like almost every other thing I’ve used. Something like holding shift and scrolling pans sideways instead of just up/down

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I was excited to hear of the cooling improvements last night, but less excited today when they actually got put to use.

Before, My unit would cool, run, cool, run and so on until it just stopped being able to cool. I get that at some point it’s just too hot, and I can live with that. Even plan for it. Once it has to cool, I knew it didn’t have long, and I’d usually just stop using it before it stopped itself.
Today, I didn’t get that chance. It stopped to cool, and has been stuck there for the last hour. I was 30 minutes into an hour and a half job. No way it’s going to start again today, and as it’s in a business, no way I can leave it on overnight or however long.

You should really have a temp display, and some kind of warning it’s going to shut off. Again, I know that it will, don’t even mind it that much, IF I can plan for it. Now I’m at the mercy it will keep alignment, and even with a machine that has alignment better than 99% of what I’ve seen posted here, I’m not overly confident about that.

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Do note that you can hold down the spacebar, then left-click-and-drag to pan.


The behavior shouldn’t have changed, other than fewer/shorter pauses for a given room temperature. Could you email to have a look?

Also @benhughes82 pointed out that if the mouse wheel has the ability to tilt, it will pan sideways in steps :slight_smile:

I use an apple magic-mouse 2, and with this update I now have to be very careful not to let my finger drag sideways even a little, or the workspace pans way off the screen. I don’t suppose there is any way to disable this action?

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Thanks for the acknowledgement @drelleum. It seems @Rita took over my initial post, deleted what I had said, and decided to make this update announcement to everyone instead. Thanks for the shout out though :v:

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