Cleaning Crumbtray

I am beyond paranoid about fires. For the last 2 months I clean my GF everyday. Last night I notice tiny dried wood bits attached to the bottom of the CT. These bits were not coming off with a shake of the CT.

It is very easy to take it apart if you have the correct torx bits.
You need 2 different bits.

CR-VT 10 for 5 silver screws
CR-VT 8 for black side screws.

I personally own this set for cleaning the guns. It is a great set because the handle is magnetic and there is a multitude of different bits.

Took the 3 CT pieces to the bathtub. Sprayed everything down with Simple Green then starting scrubbing down with nylon brushes. Rinsed all parts with water then dried everything with a hairdryer.


Good tip, but know it is completely unnecessary. There’s no way the beam could ignite material down there.

I’ve emptied (shaken out) my crumb tray once in two years, and that was simply because I had to remove it to engrave some shot glasses.


Amazingly clean! I just got through giving mine a good wipedown after the last big project…it had really accumulated some smut!

Have you seen the regular maintenance cleaning recommendations? Those are usually more than fine…you don’t really need to clean it every day, and actually run the risk of damage if you do. (Too much wiping might degrade the coating on the lenses for instance.)

I clean when the tube starts to look grungy - and that comes out to about 30-40 hours or so of cutting time, depending on the material. (Some require more frequent cleaning.)

But that is a thing of beauty. You could throw that into the cleaning routine once in a while.


I’m glad you mentioned this as it’s my feeling as well. I think overly aggressive cleaning comes with it’s own set of risks, especially with cleaning the lenses. It’s one of those things that more might not always be better.


I gently take a baby wipe and ever so slightly wipe down the lenses. Thank you for the tip. Now I will only wipe them down every other day.


The only thing you should be using is optical-grade Zeiss wipes, and it would be unusual if you needed to do it more than every 40hrs of actual use, but halving that would probably be just fine.


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