Cleaning day


A sparkling clean laser is a happy forger :grinning: :sparkler:


You wouldn’t want to see mine…


Well, I might. If it’s really horrible, it would make mine look like brand new! :wink:


I clean mine at the end of each day. I was raised that happy and clean machine is a working machine…


It would make your GF look brand new!


Wow! I do mine every few jobs, depending on what I had cooking…but daily is a whole 'nother level of clean.

Danged autocorrect!


That’s absolutely true. Thus, in the end…a working machine makes for an especially happy forger.


I usually clean mine after a heavy job. Since most of my last work is a simple cut of a complex object (I have a full workshop at my disposal as well :blush:) It does not accumulate as much grime.


Yeah, when I start noticing it - time for the optics at a minimum. I like a clean tube too, but I will wipe down the rails before I toss the lens wipe.


It’s not just clean, its CLEAN ENOUGH! :smiley:

I’ll bet yours looks newer now


Ha ha! :grin: As long as it functions well for you, then no worries. I’m pretty much OCD about a lot of things…and my Glowria is one of them.