Cleaning laser residue on leather

I have been dabbling with scrap leather using Glowforge built in settings and they are coming out pretty awesome. But, how do you clean off leather that doesn’t involve super special leather oil?

Just maybe a wet paper towel? Leather newb :smiley:


Masking is your friend :slight_smile:

Failing that, you can wash leather with a bit of dish soap and water. I use Dawn, but I doubt that the brand matters.

Edited to add: I have a sponge set aside just for this (would rather not get laser/leather residue on my dish ware). Go easy on the scrubby side, but otherwise, it’s pretty easy to clean so don’t be afraid of hurting anything!


I did masking tape on one and there was a tiny bit of overlap and that whole section was blank. Wonder if they make 8 inch wide masking tape ;D
the ones without masking came out perfect, just the residue leaves fingers black if you rub over them thus the inquiry into safe cleaning :slight_smile:

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Bookmarked. And thank you. Boy my list for Santa is growing and I haven’t even seen the GlowStore!