Cleaning laser's cutting grid


I’m sharing with you this link i find and thought could be useful for some months after we get our GFs.

Hope it’ll be interesting for you too!! :grin:’s-Vector-Cutting-Grid


Erm, for non-US what is Zep?

thanks for the information.

Had no idea myself. Here tis…

Homedepot has it for $9.97 or gallon. Thanks for the link.

I wonder if that was an aluminum grid. They warned against leaving it in the solution more than minutes. Dan has said they sprung for the most expensive/best quality which was steel. I suspect a steel grid wouldn’t be as fragile.

Thanks Rick. :slight_smile:

Looks like this may be a UK equivalent to Zep.
Virosol Citrus Cleaner Degreaser
5 ltr for £8.04
Not that most of us will need it for a while though!

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