Cleaning the machine and lens

Where in the site do I find the proper way to clean my machine and lens.


Top of every page - Support. Cleaning.


Here is a great video, I still reference it when I clean my Glowforge

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Thanks so much. Brand new at this, but loving the machine so far. How can you tell when things need cleaned?

I would do a cleaning once a week, till you get the ‘feel’ for the machine, YOU can use the hands on time, learning, and the machine loves to be clean.

Thank you for responding.


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My big cleaning hint is when a cut doesn’t succeed on the right hand side of the machine - as that’s the longest throw for the laser it’s the first to go :slight_smile:

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I recommend checking the window under the left side for any film. You can see it easily with a flashlight.
Since the smoke is pulled to the left, that window is usually the first to show any accumulation. When you see any there it’s time to clean the windows and check the rest of the optics. The lens and mirror in head are more protected and need cleaning much less often. I will check that window on the left about every third or fourth operation, and can usually see a deposit, depending on what material has been used. Some materials are dirtier than others.

Clean optics are the first rule of lasers. Any accumulation on them gives a surface for heat to be deposited, eventually the optics will burn.