Cleaning the side of your project

I know it is probaly on here somewhere but I’m feeling a little lazy and didn’t want to look, but can someone tell me how to clean the dark area off the final cut piece?

I use alcohol or hand sanitizer in the rare cases where I opt to try to remove it. I likes me some char…


Lol a little lazy I understand. But this is some Garfield-level lazy, because a search is faster and easier than your post asking for the answer :slight_smile:

Yields lots of discussions that show everyone’s various techniques, which depend on material and other factors. Definitely take a look.

Also try this one:


Thank you for your information.

You don’t know me and I am definetly NOT Garfield-level lazy.

I do work a job during the day and take care of my grandgirls in the afternoon. So maybe me asking a question is the way I can get answers, since I don’t have much time to go throught thousands of post like some people may have time to do.

Thank you for your suggestions for existing post on this subject but keep your snarks to yourself.

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So sometimes my brand of humor reads as snark when no harm was meant. I really apologize for the fact that my tone upset you, it was the opposite of my intent.

As for how to approach this going forward, one of the guidelines of the forum (from the FAQ) says that you should react to content and not tone. This is a double edged sword here and shows how that guideline isn’t ironclad: if you react to exactly what I said with no allowance for a light tone then my post is definitely insulting. However if you look at the content, a reference to Garfield is an indication that I wasn’t being serious. Maybe this is a case of context more than tone — something for me to think about.

Anyway none of this changes that I’m sorry that I upset you and hope that you can forgive me. My “lol” and smiley were meant to signal that I was kidding around and obviously didn’t work as I’d intended. I think you’ll find that we’re a pretty lighthearted bunch here and that my post won’t be the only one you’re bound to see that’ll be tongue-in-cheek.


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Welcome to the community!

So the reason there is a lot of value in searching it is to actually read into why you want to use certain solutions. I use simple green or fast orange cleaner for a lot of my stuff but if you aren’t printing on the same material I am, then they can damage your material. Researching into your material and what it specifically needs is really recommended. Or Garfield level results will occur. :grin:

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