Cleaning up after tile

Hi again, still newbie here any suggestions on cleaning up after etching on tile and marble? It has left so much dust I am afraid to start another project… Thank you all for your continued help :slight_smile:

Have you tried the cleaning instructions on the Support site? :wink:

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Vacuum hose with an upholstery brush attached. Also make sure you wipe down the rails the gantry ride on, and the rails the head rides on. And make sure you wipe down the 5 mirrors/windows, because the two windows on the bottom of the head might well be coated in dust. They always are when I work with tile.


Tile (vitrified clay) or stone ablate to an abrasive dust. Bear that in mind when wiping your optics - don’t just push down and wipe across the surface, lift the debris with an upward rolling motion. I make it a practice to also wipe my rails before throwing the zeiss wipe away.

Then there’s the lid. I perch over this thing like a hungry vulture. I need to see!