Clear Acrylic Puzzle - I saw this on Amazon

I didn’t make this but saw it on Amazon. Would be a great gift while people are stuck in the house and simple to make.

Just use Maker Design (see weblink below). Download SVG, Upload SVG to Glowforge and press the button. With Makerdesign you can choose the dimensions and number of pieces for each puzzle.

See Picture in the following message




People have been tagging me on those left and right. :slight_smile:


My Mom loves jigsaw puzzles. For her B’day one year we got her a 5000 piecer, where more than half of it was clear, blue sky. She finished it.


That is cool. How is everyone in your neck of the woods. I’m in Tupelo, Mississippi and it is a party for many people. The city just approved buying mixed alcoholic drinks totake home with you when you pick up your take-out from establishments with liquor licenses. Home Depot and Lowes are packed daily, like it is perpetually Saturday. I’m staying at home. Lol

Wow, I don’t think I could complete a 5,000 piece puzzle ever. I do want to get one of the 3D Puzzles in the near future, like the one for Nortre Dame, but I will enlist others for support.

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In MA most people are taking it pretty seriously, but our numbers are high and there’s obvious reason to be concerned. Hopefully other places don’t have to learn the hard way!

Different people visualize puzzles in different ways. At the extremes, those who focus on the matches in the image, or those that focus on matching the shapes, innies and outies.

Clear acrylic puzzles obviously suit the latter. I fall into that category. Sounds like your mom does too.

Yeah she does. I tend to do both colours and shapes. Not so much image unless it is a really tricky piece. The sky in Mum’s puzzle of course ran from a lighter blue to deeper blue, very gradually. She just graded the blue pieces from dark to light in a rough sort.

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