Clearing Bed w/o deleting file

I consider it a flaw in the app software that when I delete something from the app it deletes the file I uploaded or used.

How else do you “start over” or clear the app without emptying the uploaded file?

I work with my own files to skip that irritating loss of time savers…but when you are using a deisgn that you have purchased or been gifted…it’s so easy to lose it.

For example : I loaded the ear savers and my glowforge was aligned. I have not been on my glowforge in in a while because I am in a prolonged tax season hell taking calls from people who think we know how to get the stimulus payments. So it was not aligned…do I just exit the whole app and try again? If I lift the. lid will it zap the file? I just can’t remember what works and what doesn’t.

Please direct me to a “sheet” file for the latest earsavers that were in my library BEFORE It became deleted.

I have people waiting for them…and really want to do them today…

You start over by going to the Home screen and starting a new project.

How can it be a flaw in the app when the delete command deletes what you told it to delete?


As stated, click “Home”.

Not sure how much simpler it could be.


I just don’t get why delete and/or altering the design on the bed changes everything. Starting over should not delete the file from the app…

@geek2nurse Are you referring to the Logo as the home screen?

How do I get that file back ???

I am speaking of the earsavers…

If you click on the gift icon to the left of your printer name/ email on the top right of the dashboard there will be a link to download the file there. then you can upload that to the dashbaord.

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You know…in this unprecedented time it is understandable to be stupid/daft and frustrated.
Sorry…Thanks for the “home up” call.

I still can’t get that file back. lol

Or just press ‘…’ for design details, then reset design.

If you have deleted it from the dashboard history which is what i think happened here that wont work.

The GFU I think you call it? The nested or sheet file was not fitting…I tried to move it and alter it just to get something cut and it ended up all over the place. I always forget you cannot clear it without deleting it without deleting it from the library.

In that case if you have moved or edited a catalog or glowforge design you can reset it like @eflyguy mention by clicking the icon with the 3 dots in it to reset the design. But if you have deleted it from the main screen of the dashboard that shows all your recent designs then you can download the file like i mentioned above and upload it to the dashboard like any normal design. To get the other ones back you may need to email support to get them to put it back on your dashboard main page. I don’t know of any other work around to get it back the way it was.

This is how you reset designs purchased or uploaded from glowforge in the future. Ignore the bed image, was my latest project today.

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I think I understand what you are talking about. Basically it auto-saves. So if you delete the file from the desktop, it removes it from the design library. I have done this a few times myself, but it was no big deal simply because I was using the same computer that I have the design stored on anyway. I simply uploaded it again and all was fine. But if I switched to a different computer and needed to go back and use it again, it would not be there.

I think the best solution for me anyway is to just have all my files saved on my computer, or somewhere I can access them “in the cloud” like Google Drive or something. For example, eventually my hubby will use the GF too. I’m going to upload all of the design files we will need to share to a Google Drive account that we can both access, and then we will be able to get the files regardless of what computer we are using. (We have iPads etc but I really only use my laptop when Glowforging (so far), so I can’t speak to whether this method will work with other devices.)

Additional note: I guess in my own personal opinion, the design library is not really the best place to store my designs. I see it more as a temporary place, and occasionally a design IS still there and I can use it, which is just a bonus. It’s not like Cricut Design Space for example, where you do store all of your projects there. However, now that we are able to design shapes within the GFUI, my thinking could be off. It would be nice to have a place to store files that we could alter and not save changes to, in order to keep the original design.

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I truly don’t understand why you would ever delete anything from the workspace if you intend to keep it.

It’s like deleting the contents of a written document, then being frustrated it’s gone.

Start a new one. The old one will still be there if you need it.


Yeah - duplicating would probably be ideal. But I’ve uploaded a design and then changed it (for a specific one-time need, not something I want to keep in my regular design) and then it automatically saved my changes. I guess ideally I should then go back and undo my changes before I leave the screen.

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You can just move the parts you don’t need off the workspace, or ignore them, instead of deleting.

Yeah, I know. But things were messy and I chose to delete it. :slight_smile:

If you have moved things about and messed them up you can undo all the way back to when you first opened the GFUI, if you have left it, no such luck.

Even things deleted can be returned as long as you have not left the GFUI.

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Technically, not always true. I have often encountered a situation where the “undo history” breaks. No concern for me as I don’t save designs in the library.

If you leave the Gfui for another web page, even though it remains open, it will lose that history. I have been annoyed by this several times, but I have erase or modify the size and been able to return as long as I do not leave. With so many inbuilt things like outline or text that is no longer on your HD it gets more important.

I don’t know if this was ever directly addressed, the topic went a little sideways.

If you still need the file, you can download another copy from and then go to your Glowforge home screen ( Click Create and then Upload from file. Or just drag and drop one of the Ear Savers PDF files onto the home screen.

In the future, when you’re done with something, don’t delete it. Just click Home to return to the list of projects and start a new one.