Clip-paths error displayed well after the laser job has started

I’m well into a laser job “print” and I get the famous clip-paths error, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why it didn’t tell me in advance of firing the bloody laser.

(figuring out how to fix it is going to be interesting because it takes too many applications just to combine stuff into one document (text editor/fusion 360/Inkscape workflow). This is a two hour estimated print, which is too long, but it sucks that it didn’t error out in advance if it’s not going to do the cut.

I see this all the time but I just Dismiss and proceed . Everything seems to be fine.

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It depends on what you’re clipping. If you intentionally used a clipping mask to clip an object (and not just some bounding box the program threw in around the outside border), it’s going to impact your design in ways that you won’t like. Whatever was “clipped” will no longer be clipped.

Same with me. It did work just fine, though annoying. With some help from @tim1724, I finally figured out how to avoid clip paths in Affinity Designer…and that was a huge thing for me.

It is weird that it came up after you were burning but as others have said, most of the time it is of no concequence. The text warning on the other hand…

The text warning on the other hand…

I’ve had this come up on text that I had not processed and it still printed it.

Yeah, I converted the text to paths (Object to Path in Inkscape anyway) but I’m guessing the offending line is the outline I’m using to cut the wood with. My focus here is that the dialog wasn’t in advance of the operation, but mid-burn. I’m just going to let the two hour job finish and then do the cutout separately.

SO many variables, they never print for me coming out of Inkscape if I have forgoten to convert them. I often upload three or four versions before I get everything right.


Odd. It did the whole job. No problem.
Probably some invisible something or other in this file. Too many chefs.

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About half the time I get this warning, it doesn’t matter and it prints fine. The other half I get “ghosting” images of the rastor image and I can see it during the preview. I never use clipping paths either so I never know when/why it does it.


:rofl: Ha ha!..this made me laugh because I do the very same thing. Get the design all made, export as SVG, load it into the UI, nope…wrong. Go back, fix some things…do the export again, etc.,etc…nope, wrong. There are a few times I couldn’t even count how many times I had to go back and fix something. So frustrating but certainly a good learning thing, too.


I’m sorry you ran into trouble, @seaton. If you upload artwork with Clip-Paths, Clip-Masks, or Masks, Glowforge will adapt your design and present the alert you saw. This alert will only appear when a file is opened in the app for editing. Since it’s possible to open designs and upload artwork while printing, this message could appear, but it would not be specific to a print already in progress.

If you receive this alert when you open a design, dismiss the message and check to make sure your design is appearing correctly. If everything looks good, I recommend continuing with your print. Otherwise, it may be helpful to return to your drawing software and remove or edit the affected shapes. Use a path subtraction tool, expand patterns into paths, or rasterize the artwork.

Since you were able to print your design successfully, I’ll go ahead and close this thread. If this problem reoccurs, please open a new thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!