Clock Button Panel Faceplates


I have one VFD clock and two Nixie clocks that I made over the past couple of years. The plan has always been to go back and make faceplates for the button panels once I got my hands on a Glowforge.

Today is that day. They came out awesome. I picked up .022" thick aluminum on black acrylic from Inventables.

I had to do a few test cuts, but engraving at 600/25 and cutting at 200/50 seemed to work pretty well.




I’ve always liked the look of old school stereo equipment and since the clocks are made with vintage nixies and VFD tubes, I wanted them to have that vintage look. The cases are 3D-printed out of wood PLA and stained.

Here they are in action:





Nice work! :sunglasses: I adore nixie-tube clocks – reminds me of Gemini launches when I was a kid, plus it always seemed like about once a month we had to pull all the vacuum tubes (valves for our British friends) out of our TV and bike down to the drug store to test them. Good times!


Amazing! I’m so impressed by how realistic the metallic acrylics are.


I know right? They look like real metal. It’s awesome. I think everything I make for now on is going to have a panel of some kind.


These are awesome … I especially love the last one with the tubes!




Oh yeah, I like the tubes too - I bought a vintage steampunk tablet charger for hubs one year that looks very similar. :sunglasses:


Get out of town! I mean yes the laser stuff is great, but stained wood PLA? If you don’t mind, what brand was it and what you printing on?


It’s Hatchbox wood PLA printed on a Robo3D R1.


Any breakdown of your process or cost for the last one? I’ve loved that design since I finished playing Steins;Gate.


You can find the full build logs on my hobby site and the source files are on the Source Files page in the top menu bar.

IN-12 Nixie Clock
IN-14 Nixie Clock