Clock Face

Just trying something out. I took an MDF circle and spray-painted it with Rustoleum Paint+Primer to give it kind of a gun-metal look. I taped it up, and had my GF drill the center hole and engrave the flourish. I left the tape on after cutting and gave the engraved portion a coat of metallic spray paint.

I would consider this a rough draft, but I like the effect. Thought I’d share.

Jack (not Christine)


Love the effect! :grinning:


it looks really cool. I initially thought it was a shot of the moon with the lunar mission flight paths highlighted (RIP Alan Bean). Thought it was a timely tribute.

But even with a second look, it’s still a neat clock.


Now there is a fantastic idea for a round deep engrave. Especially if one could find a gray scale elevation map

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Almost looks like slate. :sunglasses:

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Ooooo, that’s really pretty!

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Nice test!