Clock Movements

I know that a lot of you are making clocks with your :glowforge: and need clock movements. My wife found these and what is cool about these is that they are the “so called” “Atomic” clocks that listen to and sync with WWVB (US National Instituteof Standards and Time). These ONLY work for US time zones, but never have to be set, as long as the battery does not die.


Thanks for the link.

That is great! I have been thinking of a design that has all sorts of wooden gears so the observer thinks it is a very fancy wooden clock but have the actual dials tied to one of those :smile: and all the gears just spinning for effect.

great find! Thank your wife for the find and thank you for sharing the link :smile: I have two clocks (actually one clock with two faces that my wife loves but both movements have given out. These would be great to replace those with (and then to use in my own projects as well.

This is a thing?! Ordering.

Though, where I live by seattle, I don’t have a single atomic clock from any maker that works. Poor reception I guess.


That’s been my experience too. I used to do work for NIST (the keepers of the master clock) and got one from them. Didn’t work in CT.

But theirs didn’t work in the HQ at Gaithersburg MD either - the building was too heavily shielded because of all the metrology work being done there :slightly_smiling_face:

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