I originally ordered the Clock design on your website. It didn’t have the right numbers on it.

After becoming more fluent in design, I’ve created a new face for the clock that has the right numbers.

My question to Glowforge is:

Is your original clock face updated yet?

If not, can I post this in the forum as something for the community to use? (Is your original design copyright protected?)

Should I (could I) sell the plan / SVG design since I’ve made the files?

Don’t know if this is the real and proper place for the questions, but better to ask forgiveness than permission…

Don R.


What clock are you talking about? The only file for a Glowforge clock in the catalog has no numbers???

mmm. My link was there a couple of days ago. They must have finally updated the site.

as @dklgood said, this is the only clock i see in the catalog.


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yup. That is the only one I see now myself.

Well, in any case, I have this designed and am going to see if Glowforge would like to post it. It cut really nicely. Are you with Glowforge or are you an owner of one?

Here was the original file result. As you can can see, not all the numbers are right.

Starts out at the top OK with 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, then 7, 6, 7, 8, 11, 10, 11… If I remember my roman numerology…

Didn’t realize this until I had it printed out.


Well I can see why they took that down.


that’s a pretty big oops.

and no, just another user like you.


I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be ok with you posting the fixed file to Free Laser Designs since it was clearly only inspired by theirs (I mean, the numbers are in a completely different order right?!?) but good of you to ask :slight_smile:


Good catch! It’s been long pulled from the catalog, but it is still our design, even with the fix, so we’d appreciate it if you didn’t give it away.

Also, can never look at my wall the same way again.