So who’s ready to start making clocks?
Thinking we all could make so pretty cool ones


I’ve already been searching out movement kits too - I’ve got a lot of clock ideas rolling around in my head.


Been thinking about trying to do wood gears and stuff now.


Check out this thread about gears:


Saaaaaame here. I have some ideas I want to play around with using light, too.


Ha! You beat me to it–I was just going to post a link to your thread. It am still so impressed by that stuff! Great find!!


Agree, it would be nice if the software could make gears.


Gear generators are awesome. Way too much fun stuff to play around with there. :slight_smile:


Yes! I make these (contracting out the laser cutting):
and am really looking forward to bringing production in-house, or at least the prototyping and custom requests.


Really neat stuff, man.


Inkscape has a gear generator plugin.


you read my mind. ive just spent the morning creating an etsy/pinterest mood board for inspiration. if the glow forge doesnt get to me until mid summer i think i may break pinterest


I’d really like to know how they design asymmetric gears.


One way:


I want to make an all wooden clock, except the weight.


While I am waiting for my GF to show up, I built this “ticker” to get the overall feel for how these things work.
They are a blast to build and I can’t wait for my GF to show up to help me cut everything.

Way too much fun!


Strangely attractive yet horrifying at the same time. Here’s one that isn’t quite so menacing. The only thing is when I picture it at the level of the solar system I can get a bit queasy.


@spike, that’s amazing (and worthy of your forum handle). What’s the source of the design?


Thanks Dan, I saw the works of David C. Roy and just had to try something myself.

Then I found a program called Gearotic
And knew that I could do it with that program. The hardest part is cutting the gears clean, Thus the want for the GF.
The rest is just coming up with cool designs. And now that I have my first one done, I learned a ton of what to do and not do. Thinking my next one will use a Constant-Force Spring instead of a weight for the power.


So many beautiful things in anticipation of the glow forge. I would love to learn from someone. Perhaps an apprenticeship. Im in the Northeast region.