Clogged fan?


I’ve noticed a lot of smoke coming out the front. How do I clean the fan for the exhaust? It’s impossible to access unless I’m missing something?


These are the current recommendations:


Yep, it was dirrrrrtttty. Pipe cleaners and vacuum fixed it all! No smoke from the front anymore!


I went about 2 months plus, and finally started smelling things from small curls of smoke in front.
I have a 2 foot exhaust hose, so it had to be the back grill.

Sure enough. this was after a lot of 3D engraves and I think the sticky resin waste added to the problem.
I also (barely) had room for a booster fan (needed 7 inches) so went and added it as well in the hopes that pulling the burnt resins further out will assist in it not clogging.
It is a pain to clean, but I can live with that every 2 months or so I reckon.
What would be better is a smaller grate. Seriously, the hole is already 1/3 full because the fan is jammed onto it, so any restriction is going to cause problems that much sooner.


Yep or a removable grate like on a blow dryer to easily clean the fan.


So would love to see a glowforge wash option , send it in give it a good once over, polish the hubs, get thst dirty grill maybe even have a song and dance …think I saw a movie like that once.


OMG - the trailers from the 70s are awful compared to today :slight_smile:



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What? Funk music and an IMDB movie description read like a short story! That was great.

Nowadays, it’s that rumble base drop… things blow up, things are shiny followed by queues on how much of how much cleavage and CGI you can expect.

Feels like some movies film just enough scenes to fill a trailer =cough Sucker Punch=.

Could just be me though :wink:

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That is the part that gets me.

Then again, once you see the trailer for Suicide Squad there is no need to see the movie :confused:

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!