CLOSED : Glowforge Pro is headed to dumpster. You want it? (PDX, OR)

My lightly-used GF Pro is dumpster-bound. It doesn’t work; most of the coolant disappeared from the tube, but beyond that I have no diagnosis nor estimate for cost of repairs (nor any willingness to pay). It was used sparingly during the few months that it did work. Comes with a barely-used (and fully operational) sidecar filter; called the “compact filter” in GF parlance, I believe.

If you want it…

First priority will be given to a non-profit, which can come and take it for free. (I’ll need a receipt is all.)

Second priority will be given to anyone offering reasonable purchase or trade. (Locals only, as pickup is your responsibility.)

Third priority is for other disgruntled GF owners that want to go all “Office Space” on it if options #1 and #2 don’t pan out. Bring your own bat or club.

PM me here if interested.


$100 plus shipping for all. :man_shrugging:t2:


Nice try, but I would get more than $100 enjoyment from taking a baseball bat too it, given the levels of stress brought on by dealing with GF Corp. and their “not really a year” warranty policy.

I’ll buy the brains and you can still go Office Space on the guts.

I would really like to know what glowforge has to say given the problems with electronic waste and most landfills and trashing your glowforge. uhh… asking for a friend?

Might be interested if GF can provide a statement that it’s a legitimate non-blacklisted serial number.

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If they didn’t want it in the landfill, they should not have sent me trash. (Sorry, but exposure to all these lemons has made me bitter.)

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I reckon that depends on if they blackist ya for saying things like, “If they didn’t want it in the landfill, they should not have sent me trash.”


can you plz tell us what GF said about it. and why they will not cover it

GF response: “…it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to resolve the issue remotely. The warranty on your unit has expired. It may, however, be possible to repair your Glowforge. If you would like to send us your Glowforge, we can have a technician make a physical assessment of whether or not the unit can be repaired and if so, we can provide an estimate of the repair costs. If you’d like to do so, here’s how that would work:
-We’ll send you an invoice for shipping
-Once the invoice is paid, we’ll follow up with shipping labels.
-Your total cost for shipping would be $200 which would include shipping to us for evaluation and return shipping but would not include the cost of any repair if we find that repair is possible.”

As for why it is not covered… it turns out, much to my chagrin, the warranty on this machine, delivered to me in Aug 2018, actually began in Oct 2017, when the first (lemon) GF shipped to me. Lemon GF #2 ate up a bit more of that warranty, so by the time I received the current lemon (#3) there wasn’t a whole lot of warranty left to cover it.

This topic is now closed. Rest assured no 'forges will be sent to the landfill.

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Clip the wires to the motors, wire an inexpensive controller / power pack to drive them, attach a laser like an Endurance or others to the carriage and use GCode to drive it.

That is what I will do if mine crashes.

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Welp! Don’t I have egg on my face. I thought the case was closed, but it appears I lost my cool prematurely. Support gave the situation an additional review and are now making it right. All’s well that ends swell.


$125. Final offer.


Worth noting here for future people with problems/concerns like this: Every major credit card company (not the issuing bank but the cc company itself: Visa, Mastercard, American Express) will double the manufacturer’s warranty up to 1 year for pretty much any purchase. Call the issuing bank (e.g. Chase, Capital One, etc.) and ask for the contact info for the warranty plan. The process is basically an insurance policy – after confirming that your purchase qualifies, you will be sent some forms to fill out that will allow them to reimburse you for the cost of any authorized repair work.


If it doesn’t get sorted out I’ll happily buy it all off you. Shoot me a PM

You may come out of this smelling like a rose…even with all that egg. That’s good news indeed.


Just cruising through here for project Ideals… Not to open a wound, was a decision made regarding this unit? If It is still available I would like to purchase it for parts I am in The Dalles

After giving my case additional review, Support has replaced the dead machine. Here’s hoping my GF #4 lasts a long, long time!


That’s great! I saw that the unit was close so I jumped on the chance! I ordered my unit and it’s supposed to be here by the 16th. I may pick your brain for help if needed being that your close, if that’s not an issue.