Closed thread way early YELLOW BUTTON ISSUES about to throw this thing outside it is not a reliable tool fix it or I want my money back

Basic Model, Temp 73, NOT WORKING!

 I have done this several times  some with success  some without    so again.....  Yellow button, Temp is fine, I've used it for 2 summers now in Texas,  yes its hot outside.   My last thread was closed permanently, guess I didn't answer fast enough?  My internet was down for a few days so I guess I have to start over!   I have definitely used my unit when hotter than this with no issue except for a mid print pause.  I've checked all ribbon connections, the head itself.  Ive tried them all standing on my head with my mouth open and my eyes crossed like tech support told me to.   either I need a new one I can count on for my $3000  or I need that back so I can buy something that will work longer than 8 months   


I am so sorry you are having trouble. I extracted your logs and this looks like something we will not be able to resolve remotely. I have followed up with you in email about next steps and will close this thread so we can work on it there.