Closed ticket yet no email.....makes me think that something went wrong


So, thread closed, yet 4 hours later, no email received.

Did your attempt to email me fail? can we use the message feature within this community to sort this further ( i.e. without exposing my email address to the rest of the world)?

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Now 24 hours after thread closed, 48 hours since my initial attempt to get GF to help on this issue. and still no contact or email or any sign of life beyond closing the thread. @Camilo.P, I would call that poor customer service.

I’m sorry to hear our email didn’t reach you. I sent the first email message just after closing this thread, around 10:35am yesterday. My colleague Rachael also sent a follow up at around 3:00pm yesterday. Is it possible that our messages may have been filtered to your spam or junk folder unintentionally? Despite the reason, I’m deeply sorry that you have not received those messages yet.

Please let me know here if the messages aren’t in your junk folder.

I have no messages from you. checked spam folder many tomes. I suspect you used my prior email , which I had you chance prior to me reporting this issue. I have no access to the older email. Might be that part of your system did not catch up with the other part and thus used an extinct email. The proper email starts with my first name followed by “_” and followed by my last name. The proper one also does not contain the word “green” after the @. so if you see the word green, it is definitely not it.

i also messaged you within this app with the correct email.

Same thing happened to me. My laser stopped firing two days ago. I emailed and posted because I was not aware that you’re not supposed to do both. My post was closed and I have not received any email reply. I’ve already had to refund three people. It’s super frustrating.

i feel your pain. I do not take orders but i have been unable to keep stock at the gallery and this is prime season for unreasonably priced clocks. Making lemonade from this lemon, the gallery workers have started using the lack of additional clocks as a selling tool. " buy now, there are no more being made …" Clever, nothing like a shortage to boost demand.


this can be closed now. we finally managed to connect via email.

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I’m very sorry about that! I’m glad that we were able to connect and get you moving in the right direction. I’m going to close this thread. Please feel free to open a new thread or contact us directly at if you have any questions for us.