Closing threads too quickly?

This may be a repeat of an idea, but could Support not close a thread for 24 hours after they say that it is going to be closed ?
I’ve just had an email notifying me that there was an answer from Support to my thread, and going to it, I discovered that the thread was now closed. This only left me with the option of editing my earlier post as a way of thanking Support publicly for their additional information.
I don’t think that starting a new thread for that particular sort of response is appropriate.
Just my two florins worth.
John :upside_down_face:


That seems like a great idea, but having spent parts of my life doing support tickets, I can say it’s really important to be rigorous about closing things when they’re done. It’s nice to get a thank you, but it can actually be kind of frustrating if you’re trying to keep track of the work you have to do and the software doesn’t differentiate between “I’m still having a problem” and “Thanks!”.


I think support does an excellent job in a really tough environment, so I’d love to maybe see one central “Thank You” thread left open that people can add to, but I also agree that closing the majority of the threads promptly is a good idea. The longer they’re left open, the more chatter they will pick up, making it take longer for support to weed through to see if the problem has been resolved. (Don’t want to make their jobs harder.)

Great idea though! :+1:


Good points peeps. I like the simplicity of the ‘Thank you thread’.

John :upside_down_face:

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What do you think the odds are that if we made a “Thank You Support Team” wiki we could get someone with moderator status to pin it at the top? Then folks could find it, support could read it anytime they need a boost, and even if they accidentally close it with a batch job…it will be a Wiki…people can still edit the main post and add to it.

What do you think? (I nominate you to set it up, since it was your idea.) :wink:

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Guaranteed to get negative responses too. I don’t get upset about anything but if I did a thank you thread is where I would go to get attention. And being irritating is not a reason to flag someone. Would just be extra work for Dan to unflag it.

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Why not just pop a thank you note into “Everything Else” and flag the support staff who helped you out? I know they don’t routinely read there, but if you flag them in it I bet they do. :slight_smile:

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