Closing Up Shop

Hey Guys!

It looks like my GF Pro finally bit the dust and needs a new power supply or tube. The wife and I have decided to hang up our hat in the laser cutting business after making quite a successful eBay store with it. We love what we do, but want to have more family time since we had our first child in July.

I have close to 150 designs that I sell in my eBay store that sell like crazy on eBay. Our annual sales is showing right at $95,000 per year with the designs we have.

Is there a way to sell our designs to another company or aspiring GF user who wants an easy way to get started making money immediately?

We have been blessed to have had this opportunity and hate to close up shop, but it will be best for our family in the long run.

Hopefully there is a way to sell off our designs as we have people messaging us still wanting our products.

Our eBay store is listed here if anyone is interested in what we make: MaysDiecast | eBay Stores


What are you looking to get for your designs?

For all of them, I would say around $2,000. We just cancelled right at $1,000 in orders from 10/1 to 10/12 due to the laser breaking down.

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Best of luck, and congratulations on becoming parents this summer. Are you interested in selling your Glowforge printhead, carriage plate or any spare parts?

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Thank you! We are super excited! I would most likely sell the machine as a whole if anyone wanted it.

I know you’re trying to close, but what about selling the designs via Etsy (I’m assuming you designed them)? Could be good (relatively) passive income since they’re already created. You’d definitely make more than selling them to one business.


You could sell your designs in the GF catalog perhaps?


I think I know somebody



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The problem with that is that you need premium AND all of the designs have to be printed in Proofgrade. I had the same thought, but UGH.


When you sell your products, you sell the finished product not the digital design, correct?

That is correct. We cut the items, package them as a kit, and ship them.

For instance, this shop sells for $29.99 plus tax and shipping. 1/64 3 Bay Automotive Garage Warehouse Shop for Cars and Pickup Trucks NOT SEMIS | eBay

It cost less than $5.00 to manufacture out of MDF we get from our distributor. For shipping, everything is neatly packaged within itself, taped together for protection during shipping, and shipped using inexpensive padded envelopes. Multiply that by the thousands of orders we have processed and it adds up significantly.

So you will be continuing selling the Diecast stuff, but will not be supplying the boxes, etc? I would not expect just selling the boxes would do very well without making the diecast stuff as well.

I do not sell the diecast models anymore. All of our sales were from our custom laser products. Here is a screenshot of our sales info I took this morning:

I would think selling your design files on etsy would be the way to go. As already said, they’re done and it’s just a download for the customer who can then make the items and sell…continuous stream of income without all the work. Congrats on your family!

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I came here to say like everyone else you sell the files. With a baby keeping you busy passive income is nice plus. Just be prepared to answer questions on the files themselves as some people think they can just buy and make who doesnt realize kerfs, material thickness and wood type all cut different. I would think you’d make more then $2000 in the long run

Make it clear it’s only the file if you do plan to list. A few times I had people asking for a $5.00 item with free shipping on items when they clear ignored the pictures stating they are not getting a physical product.

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I dont mind the idea of selling the files on Etsy, but at that point am I really going to make that much if anyone can buy the file and use it to make and sell however many of our items they want?

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You be surprised, I posted on a whim and people purchase the files and some I made a few hundred. I cant confirm on yours are your files are much nicer then mine but i feel that people would spend their money on your files at the right price point


Use it to start the baby’s college fund. You’ll be glad you did.

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