Cloud Line 6 Fan Question

Will it automatically go on when I start the Glowforge Laser,
Does it always stay on , Is the Blue tooth the best way to go to turn it on ?

Which model to get , ?

Thank you.

if you get the lower end infinity (with the power button) when its plugged in it automatically goes on high, combined with a woodworkers vacuum switch , when the glowforge goes on the infinity goes on.

Thank you , Your talking about this one.

nope THIS ONE you don’t need all the bells and whistles, just a fan that goes on and off

The controller for the fan is on a long cord, so it can be mounted anywhere. I put it at the front of the Glowforge and turn the fan on manually right after turning on the Glowforge. It doesn’t turn itself on or off, you press the button.


if you have it on, and disconnect the power it shuts off, if you plug it in, it turns on at full speed.
try it!


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