Cloud server down or very slow again. 9:30 UK Time

Same as yesterday, taking forever to prep print etc…

Has any progress been made on this issue? Taking a long time to preparing to print. I imagine GF knows, just wondering if anyone has been able to resolve the issue, in any way.

Mine has not improved. Still 10 minutes and counting for my design to be uploaded.

Posting in other peoples threads won’t raise attention. At this point, a single thread will take up to one business day to work its way to the top of the queue and get seen - which technically could be Monday, although you would hope they are monitoring for reports on this more closely.

Only when multiple tickets are opened for the same issue will it get anyones attention sooner.

I’m very sorry about the trouble. The team has identified an issue and is currently working to resolve.

Thank you for your patience. We’ve found that the trouble you are experiencing is not likely related to the outage we experienced. I’ve reached out directly with the next best steps, and will now close this thread.