Clueless! (Cannot connect to Wifi)

Hello! We just received our Glowforge after waiting over a month (backorder!).

We just can’t seem to get it connected to our wifi. We’re upstairs, and the router is downstairs; our iMac connects perfectly to our router, but the Glowforge cannot.

Does our Glowforge have to be right next to our router?

Thanks in advance for any and all info. (We have contacted support as well.)

  • James & Ana

Can you see the network and not connect, or not see the network at all?


We see the Glowforge on the network, and it does find our device, then we click to log into our network, and we do that but thats where it ends. We get the error saying that its either a password, or signal not strong enough. :confused:

Can you try to use your phone as a hotspot and see if it will connect that way - just to get started.

Thank you for the tip!

We tried it. Didn’t work. :upside_down_face:

Have you been able to walk through all these steps?

Yes, sir. We tried all of that. I think tomorrow we will try to position the router closer to the Glowforge, and try again.

Do you think it should be on it’s own network? Like if we create a “guest” connection on our WiFi?

That is often a solution - it prevents anyone else using a 2.4Ghz device from interfering or stealing bandwidth the GF needs. By making a dedicated network connection you insure that the only activity on that is the laser.


Hello @monstermorales, I see you sent us an email about this as well and we’ve responded there, so I’m going to close this topic.