Clueless, please help

I need help please. I am not sure if this can be done or how?
I have an SVG I downloaded I need to make a cut with the center engraved.
I am not sure how to convert in inkscape.Razorback

I’m not an expert at Inkscape, (and I’m not at a computer with it installed, atm.), but I would start off by clicking Path then break apart. The parts that are not connected to the outline will become their own pieces which can then have the color changed to indicate it to be engraved.

The parts that are connected to the outline, that you want to engrave, will have to be manually disconnected between nodes. Then you can break it apart again, and they should become separate pieces as well.

At least that is how I would approach the situation. Someone else might be of better help.

Just do a path trace bit map. Make a copy of that and choose path, break apart, union and center the two over each other giving them different colors. Then you decide which one to cut and which one to engrave in the GF.
Wild boar

Note: After you do the path break apart you will end up with a solid background full of lots of invisible pieces (unless you lower the opacity). It doesn’t matter for this one though just choose the whole thing and union. Then you can eliminate the solid fill and just use an outline if you wish. That doesn’t matter either though as you can leave it solid and still cut the outline.


Thank you so much

Thank you so much. It only took me a day of trying before I realized you had done it for me. I am on a pre-k level. Thanks again


You are most welcome. Inkscape is quite a learning curve. Frustrates me every day lol.

I am a Hair stylist. Sooo, my pc skills are very basic. But now that we are shut down I am trying to figure this out. I don’t mind to pay for help if you have time.

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Just keep at it. It gets easier and there is no substitute for the “Aha” feeling when it all falls in place. (Plus… take notes… you will be trying to remember later how you did something… (or so I’ve heard…:joy:))
And welcome to the madness! :sunglasses:


I appreciate that offer but believe me I am just scraping the edges of what his program is capable of. Check out some youtube sites like this:
I’ll help with anything in my scope but trust me that is quite limited.

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