CNC/Laser collaboration

2019 Gift for Christmas



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Really great design! I miss my wood shop and being able to do really good Mortise and Tenons.

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Looks great!

That looks stunning! VERY professional!

Side note: I always think it’s weird when people have a differentiation between their CNC laser cutter and their CNC router, mill, lathe, or whatever. All are CNC, yet so many people only call their non-laser tool β€œa CNC.” Me? I call a router a router and a laser a laser. But I always seem to be in the minority. :slight_smile:

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But very few folk cut their materials with a hand laser while the differentiation with routers and lathes the adjective makes more sense :upside_down_face:

It would be fun to see fancy scroll work in wood by a Jedi master with his lightsaber.