CNC map


Saw this on reddit. Pretty neat.


Looks cool. You could raster the elevation of the states to give the same 3D effect


Or even add in major roads or bodies of water! Even label it!


At first I was like “meh. Just another map…” and then I realized!! Wow!!


Lots of sources for vectors of US states but here is one from Obrary.


I’ve got a good friend who works with GIS software as part of his job for emergency management, he’s got access to all sorts of mapping tools and satellite imagery. He wants to help get me all sorts of map data to make stuff. It’s actually quite overstimulating how much map data a person has access to. Heh.


A lot of the data is available publicly if you know where to look.


I think that’s more-so in the US, but not quite as true in Canada. We don’t have policies that data gathering paid for by a government agency rightfully belong to “the people”, like NOAA and USDA (and their ilk) maintain.

Canada is getting better, but the gov’t is still years behind being quite as sharing.


ahh didn’t think of that… I was doing some work in Spain and it was readily available there so I assumed. You could talk to your local representative :wink:


I’m much more drawn to the cool piece of furniture beside it…


I wonder if you could make a state map with each state cut from that state tree’s wood…? Some would be the same (Wisconsin, New York and West Virginia ) for example). Would be interesting conversation piece.


I was unaware that each state had a wood…


State tree.




Missouri is dogwood, which in these parts is half flower and half leaf and looks beautiful. My brother did a scroll saw map of the counties of Missouri all made from Missouri woods, something like 20 something different woods.


This is gorgeous. When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to have one of those US map puzzles where every state was its own piece. Because of it, I started school already knowing most of the US geography I’d ever be taught. One of my first planned Forge projects is to make a similar map for each continent (with Antarctica focusing on the coastline).