Coaster display?

Hey everyone, I am making tons of cork coasters and adding them to my wholesale line. I am looking to make a counter top display that will hold 20-24 designs. Would anyone be able to make the files for me? I will happily pay for the design. I’d like to make these inexpensively out of cardboard , balsa, or similar light materials. Thanks in advance!

Do you have a Pro or a basic? That will impact the size of the area that can be cut.

What is the size of your coasters? That will affect the # of different coaster designs that can be accommodated.

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I perform design services and have experience with the GF. You can request a quote through my website at

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Bookmarked–as I might need help in getting something like that done in the future (some stuff I try, but still often looks like I’ve tried, but not quite succeeded :wink:)

I have a pro although I’ve yet to use the pass through.
My coasters are 4x4 and .2 thick cork.

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

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