Coaster engraving (need help)

Hi everyone. I finally stating using my glowforge after almost a year. I created this design on the glowforge platform, and made this coaster. I tried putting multiple coasters on a piece of cardboard to make multiple at a time. I am noticing that every time I make one and take it out, I have to align the design all over again. Is there a way to make multiple coasters at a time and not waste time aligning each one?


The easiest way is to put in a piece of cardboard or waste wood - pin or tape it down solidly, then cut X number of circles the coasters would fit in. Then with your art aligned to where the circles are in the GFUI (even if it looks wrong on the screen) it will cut them exactly because as long as you don’t bump the head the laser will cut in the exact same spot.

Here’s an example - if the red circles are your coaster art - the black circles are what you’d cut out of the waste material. If you’re going to be doing bunches and bunches you should add little half circles so you can pull the coasters out without moving your waste material.

Coaster Example

btw, I moved your post to Everything Else because Made on a Glowforge is for finished projects :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I will try that out.


I love the idea of the half circles to easily remove stuff from the jig. I’ll have to change my jigs to do that!


Me likee

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What is illustrator. I see people creating jigs on there.

It’s the name of a design program offered by Adobe.
Inkscape, which is free, does all the same things.

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