Coasters using Free Tools. =)

Whipped up a tutorial for creating a coaster of the Glowforge if anyone is interested.

[](http://Free Tools, Coasters and a GlowForge =))


Very nice! I’m going to shift this to the Tips and Tutorials section for you! :grinning:

Nice video! It’s amazing how many different ways there are to do things. I used tinker cad once a long time ago, it’s nice to see it in this video. I am mainly using Adobe Illustrator now days.

One of these days I am going to get back to using tools I have to pay for… As an educator with students on Chromebooks I always lean towards free and web based. =)

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Thank you!

As an educator with students on Chromebooks I always lean towards free and web based. =)

It’s too bad there aren’t more tools available on Chromebooks. Being web based is definitely better than it used to be, but there are still so many things you can’t do, or a lot of backflips you have to do to get things working. I know they are “cheap” but if only schools would spend a tiny bit more on something that can run mainstream apps would really open up a lot more up to students. (Ex. GIMP for photo editing, Inkscape as an alternative to AI for vector drawing, etc.). I had a conversation recently with a colleague who used to work in the school system and said that he never understood why they wouldn’t use the cheaper windows machines.

I have been pretty lucky getting things that work for the kids. my.sketchup, tinkercad, and you can even use inkscape in roll app. Here in Michigan the Gov keeps lowering the funding we get… we are lucky we are not still using slates… (ps… no I was not teaching back when we had slates…) :smiley:

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Nice! I just watched your other video, pretty cool stuff. Where abouts are you in MI? I am right across the border in Toledo area. I thought I recognized a SE MI accent…Am I close? :slight_smile:

I am on the West side now in Holland Mi. Born the Detroit area, but grew up in the thumb of Michigan… Lot of East side in me. Spent 2 summers working in Port Clinton back in the day. Great memories of those days. Had to scamper through Toledo back then to get there. Scares me to think that was back in 1999 or so… Man the years go so fast!

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