Coasting Along

While wandering around HomeDepot looking for laserable items, I wandered into the flooring area. I had recently done some slate coasters and I noticed they had slate and “marble finished” slate at really cheap prices. I found a 12 in square black “marble” slate for only a few bucks. I also found a 12 in by 24 in piece of slate tile for only a few bucks. remembering that I had a tile saw at home (haven’t used in a few years), I bought the pieces. Taking only a few minutes to cut into 4 inch squares, I now have blank “coasters” at a fraction of the price online or at Michaels. Here are the latest I made on the glowforge - just simple sayings I came up with. I honestly don’t know if they are original, but they just seemed to come to me (as I tend to think in puns) or I may have seen them somewhere at sometime.
A few minutes in Inkscape and presto … some (inexpensive)gift ideas !! (Just need to add the cork to the bottom…)


Yeah, man… The flooring section of Home Depot just screams “LASER ME” whenever I walk down it. And, recently I’ve walked down it a lot because I’m re-flooring a kitchen and bathroom. Those 4" sample tiles? I’m slowly but surely collecting them all. :slight_smile: And I keep looking at the full-sized tiles and deciding which are going to be laser material.


Nice job!

A tile saw might come in handy. I see tile in larger sizes … And go on by. Might have to pick one up at some point.

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