Most of the seasoned :glowforge: vets will probably think this to be quite simplistic, but I found an interesting saying on Shutterstock and it engraved nicely on medium :proofgrade: acrylic. I did a prototype on some scrap extruded acrylic and it turned out much coarser than the :proofgrade:, which is cast (of course I knew that would be the case before I started).

After having my :glowforge: for a year now, I’m still surprised and pleased at the simplest projects that can be done with some care and very little effort.


Looks great! (Love the saying! Juan Valdez approved!) :smile:


the worst thing about coffee is trying to make coffee in the morning before you’ve had any coffee.


Heh heh. Good one!


I only started drinking coffee about 5 years ago … But … It does understand.


This is why the Keurig was invented. To make that FIRST cup… THEN I can think well enough to grind the beans and make the REAL coffee! :rofl:


Nah. It’s so environmentalists can make their coffee fast so they’re not late to their protest meetings :wink:



Now that’s just outstanding.




were they serious - about “kill the k cup before it kills our planet”? most of them now are compostable. And then there’s sanfrancisco bay coffee -even the bag is compostable!


Most compostable packaging is not composted. Buried in a landfill even natural organic materials generally don’t. The way landfills are built makes breakdown a long & very slow process.

Not to mention that the resources required to make a few dozen k-cups far exceeds the resources required to package an equivalent amount of coffee.

Personally I’m doing my part by never drinking coffee :wink:


I prefer to roast my own, grind it, and brew it… but before I can even operate the grinder some days, coffee is essential! :slight_smile:


:grinning: everyone else in the family drinks coffee. And tea.

I stick with Diet Coke.


That’s why energy drinks were invented. To give you the stamina and coordination to make that first cup of coffee.


Nice. I just ordered some more high temp, food safe PLA for my 3D printer. Going to work on making my own Nespresso pods. I don’t use them often, but when I do, it adds up to $1.50 for a triple shot latté. It’s my coffee backup at work for when my home espresso machine hasn’t pre-heated for some odd reason (usually me forgetting to put it back on the autotimer). Trying to do this just because I can.


The mantra of a Maker :slightly_smiling_face:

We spend thousands so we can make things to save dollars :wink: