College Gameday Sign ... GO CARDS!


Sign I made using a laser cutter at a maker space for college game day!


Looks great! (And if you wave it at the game, everyone will want one, so get ready! ) :grinning:


Wow. I really love the design!

I agree with @Jules, others will ask for one.


I’m not into hockey at all, but that’s a cool effect!


Yeah I’m a transplant from New Jersey and adopted UofL when I saw how good the football team was. I don’t hate the cats… But it does make me smile when they lose.


Thanks it was revived really well at the gameday set.


My Lego Batman head made the live shot!


I thought it was a boxer!


The sign was of Lamar Jackson (QB hiesman winner) & Ali (yes the boxer)who is from Louisville.


The only problem was the Cards didn’t GO… :frowning:

I’m here in tha 'vile as well. :slight_smile:


Yea I was at the game… it was really a sad showing. Never thought I would miss Grantham. Cards were out matched at almost every position.