Color changing cardstock? What WHAT!? :)

I’m dying–that ring is beyond fabulous. I love everything about it–concept, execution, and style. Please, please, post the finished version when you’re done.


Also, great idea for cards–I’ll definitely be playing with this feature!


STAHP!!! thats too cool!

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That is so amazing. I can think of endless uses for this!


Cue trip to Michael’s… Thanks!


I’m glad this thread popped back up. I need to go buy some of that!


Thank you! I wanted to do it with some varying thickness so I wanted to use veneers and wood… I think i have the stuff I need, but I drive for Lyft during busy weekends in Dallas so I’ll probably get it finished next week. I’m excited about it too! :slight_smile:

makes me wonder what etching duplex cardstock would look like.

I’ve used a lot of duplex cover for print jobs (and some that involve a lot of hand work and hand cutting). Time to order some samples to test with.


Yup! That is the two tone people are taking about… Mine was just a physical pigment reaction. Please post if you buy some… I hope i can find some in smaller amounts that don’t cost as much as that to play with. Gotta call for samples! :slight_smile:

i wasn’t sure what people were getting at craft stores vs what i sometimes buy in larger quantities from paper vendors for work.

it depends on your relationship with paper vendors. :wink: i can usually get small amounts of a handful of different stock from my local paper guys. i don’t do quite the volume printing i used to, but I can still get small stacks of samples.

i may even put a call in to a printer friend or two and see if they’ve got some scraps for me.

i know i have a few press sheets of black/cream linen 100#, but it would be nice to see if i can snag some more colorful stuff.

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Can’t wait to try this!

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Now if only someone made triple color… that would make a really cool item (I should Google… I am sure someone already has. lol)

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hmmm… don’t think i’ve ever seen that. doesn’t make much sense from a printing perspective. a printer could put a couple of sheets together with adhesive (i’ve done that before), but i’m not sure how the adhesive would fare in a laser cutter.

If you’re near Dallas, have you ever checked out Clampitt Paper? They used to give out free samples of all kinds of exotic papers and card stock. It’s been a few years since I was last there though.

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At some point in the last 2 years when Michael’s had a sale on card stock I card stocked up. They have been sitting on shelf the whole time waiting my first weekend with lasers and I have been thinking about this post the whole time.

I asked myself would the color changing happen on other colors. Yes!


WTF? Please make your own post. Those are spectacular results and the community (or at least I) would like more details. Great job!


Here is how I did it.


My post doesn’t have cooties, geeze. LoL


Haha, sorry! Yours is awesome too! :blush::+1:

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