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Has anyone printed a photo out on laser paper, masked it on wood/acrylic and cut out a puzzle? I have done this in the past however I have noticed that the ink bleeds from the paper after masking it so it doesn’t have a wood burn to the photo. Can anyone provide any pointers?

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There are quite a few posts about making puzzles in the Made on the Glowforge category and throughout the forum. Just search for “puzzle”.

thanks, however i looked through some samples and didn’t see what i was looking for which is targeted primarily at the print process

Sorry I was no help. Just for fun you might be interested in this Glowforge owner and his puzzles.

I haven’t done with laser paper. If you want to avoid color bleed for something like this, you’d very much want to use proper photo paper.

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@jbmanning5 …?


yes, that is @jbmanning5, and he’s definitely the expert around here.

i think your issue is that you’re not putting a protective coating over the image after gluing it to the wood. i don’t mask (and i don’t think @jbmanning5 does either). i’ve used a few different things to finish them, but essentially a variant of a varnish. once i’ve done that, masking isn’t necessary. i take a damp paper towel and wipe the puzzle down while it’s still on the honeycomb to clean the soot off of the top of the image, then (at JB’s suggestion) all the puzzle pieces go into a salt bucket (which is exactly what it sounds like, a tupperware container full of salt) and shake it around to clean the edges.


As in, the ink is lifting when you remove the masking?

You mention laser paper - are you using an Inkjet printer, or a laser printer?

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